Aunt Mary's Story - Cannabis Specialist

One of Jersey’s finest, Aunt Mary has your back. That favorite family member who always has what you need, she loves her cannabis, and definitely knows what’s good. With a big heart, Aunt Mary has quality time and sage advice for everyone, and when you need it, her personal stash is there for you too.

Speaking of which, Aunt Mary’s taste is one of a kind, and it’s only the best buds for her buds. When you stop in for a visit, you’ll find her collection of cannabis products is carefully curated, and offers something for everyone. She always knows what you (and your wallet) are looking for. Boasting one of the widest selections of high-quality products from trusted, local brands, Aunt Mary’s is where you’ll find what you need– and love doing it.

Best of all, Aunt Mary is releasing her own branded, high-end flower and solventless extracts from her personal stash! Craft-grown with care right here in Central Jersey, these goods are too good to keep all to herself. When you see Aunt Mary’s stamp of approval, you can bet that it’s the Garden State’s best.

Each visit to her shop is not just a way to find the best cannabis and great deals; it’s also an opportunity for you to join Aunt Mary’s cannabis family. Come on in, and make yourself at home.

Our mission is to bring
our community the best cannabis products at the best prices while making them feel like family.