Curbside Delivery with Aunt Mary’s

Aunt Mary’s Curbside Delivery services are a convenient way to pick up your order without having to leave your vehicle.

  1. To place a Curbside Delivery order, follow the normal order process until you reach the checkout page. To learn more about placing an online order, click here.
  2. On the checkout page, select ‘Curbside Pickup’ under ‘Order Type’. Note: After selecting the ‘Curbside Pickup’ option, you will be asked also to provide your email in the Customer Information section above.
  3. After confirming your order, click ‘Place Order’ to submit your order to the store. You will receive an initial text message once your order has been placed, and another once your order is ready to be picked up.
  4. Upon arriving at the dispensary, park in the front 2 rows of stalls, directly in front of Aunt Mary’s (We cannot dispense to you via curbside if you are not in one of the parking spots).
  5. Call the store at (908) 257-0421 and let us know you have a Curbside Order. We will need your name for the order and the make, model, and color of your car.
  6. An Aunt Mary’s Associate will meet you at your car, Ask for your Valid Form of ID, Medical Card, or Medical Caregiver Card to confirm the name on the order matches who is picking up, Review your order, confirm the total, and collect payment (cash only at this time).
  7. Our Associate will return to the store and process the Recreational or Medical purchase.
  8. Our Associate will return to the customer’s vehicle and hand the Valid From of ID, Medical Card, or Medical Caregiver Card back and then hand the customer their order and any change from purchase.