How to Place an Online Order

Aunt Mary’s offers 24/7 ordering, meaning patients and shoppers can place an order at any time. If the order is placed after the store has closed for the day, items will be available for pickup the following day. Ordering your products online is easy.

Navigate to the Online Order Menu Page

Now that you are viewing the menu page, you can begin browsing.


Use the Categories dropdown at the top of the menu to filter on individual categories such as Flower or Edibles. Once on the individual category page, products can be filtered further to subcategories, package sizes (weights), brands, and more.


The Brands tab allows you to easily find a list of all products under your favorite brands. Select the brand tab at the top of the menu and then select your brand.


The Specials tab is where all of the day’s specials can be viewed. Clicking ‘Shop’ on a listed special will bring you to a page that lists all of the items associated with the special.


You can also search for specific products, brands, and effects using the search tab at the top of the menu. For example, searching for ‘Sleep’ will return products that may be helpful with sleep issues.

Select Your Products

Once you find a product that you are interested in, add it to your cart by clicking the plus button. You can view your cart at any time by clicking the shopping cart icon at the top of the menu. From here, product quantities can be adjusted or products can be removed altogether.

Review Your Order

Be sure to review your order after you have added your products. Don’t worry, you can always change your order once you arrive at the dispensary. Once you are satisfied, click ‘Proceed to Checkout’.


  1. On the checkout page, fill out your customer information. If you already have an account, click login at the top of the page. If you would like to create an account for faster checkout next time, click the checkbox next to ‘Save info for next time’. You do not need an account to place an order.
  2. Select your order type. In-store pickup will be selected by default. If you wish to use our Curbside Delivery services, select the Curbside Pickup option. Click here to learn more about our Curbside Delivery process.
  3. A summary of your order will be listed at the bottom of the page. You can update product quantities or remove products from here. If you have any special instructions for us, click ‘+ Special Instructions’ to add a custom note to your order.
  4. Click ‘Place Order’ to place your order

After your order has been placed

After your order has been placed, you will receive a series of text messages.

  1. The first text message will confirm that your order has been placed and sent to the store.
  2. A second text message will confirm that your order has been received.
  3. You will receive a third and final text message when your order has been packed and is ready to be picked up.

When you Arrive at the Store

When you arrive at Aunt Mary’s, one of our customer experience associates will have your order ready for checkout.